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Deionization – Ultra Pure Water

Process Description

Deionization is the process of removing minerals from water to produce pure water, which has a very low and/or nominal mineral content, or ultra pure water which is virtually mineral free. This process typically passes processed water through two separate beds, cation and anion, followed by a mixed bed. See Deionization – Twin Bed and Deionization – Mixed Bed applications for more information. The deionization process can be found in the following applications:

  • Laboratory: Used for cleaning and processing samples and cleaning glassware and other instruments. Using pure water reduces the possibility of contamination; experimentation and testing with impurities in the water can interact with test samples and cause erroneous results.
  • Electronics Manufacturing: Used for washing printed circuit boards and cleaning circuit board and electronic assemblies. Using pure water reduces the possibilities of minerals reacting with the metal leads which can cause corrosion and create premature failures.
  • Food and Beverage: Used in the manufacturing process and as an ingredient in some bottled drinks. Also used for the preparation of food items, as well as rinse water for cleaning purposes. Also used for serialization processes and as spot free water for wash and air dry containers.
  • Bottled Water: Used for the removal of minerals before the bottling process for clean tasting water.
  • Metal Finishing: Used for cleaning parts and final rinse water. Also used for spot free rinsing and chemical dilution
  • Medical: Deionized water is usually used as a back up to an RO system. Pure water is used for dialysis machines which require mixing of mineral free water with the dialysis solution. The medical requirements for saline and water directly introduced into the body dictate mineral free compounds since human body natural filter systems are bypassed.
  • Boilers: Used for low mineral make up water to help with corrosion and scaling.

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